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Sunday, June 30, 2013


It is so easy to forget how truly "beautiful" we all are... Society, our parents, our friends, others in general put so much pressure on us, and put us down so many times... We also put a lot of pressure on ourselves; sometimes we become our own worst enemies (constantly self-criticizing ourselves and putting ourselves down). It's easy to believe "negative" words and messages. They're everywhere! We must learn to be very strong! We must learn to believe in our potential, our awesomeness and specialness. We must embrace our uniqueness, our gifts and talents (Yes! We have many gifts and talents). We must be proud of all of our accomplishments!

I was watching the "Super Soul Sunday" program today (in the Oprah Winfrey's Cable Channel) and saw for the first time, and learned about, India.Arie (a beautiful singer/songwriter). She was talking about the pressure and stresses she went through while enjoying "big success." She felt she was living everyone else's life but her own. She was trying to please everyone but herself. Yes, she acquired many material things, but she was not happy. This internal turmoil affected her health in numerous ways. So she decided to give it all up, to let it go and to just let go... You can read more about her at: Oprah talks to India (click the link). This happens to so many of us. We work so hard to try to please everyone else but ourselves. This is why I'm constantly reading "inspirational" messages and "inspirational" books. I push myself too hard at times, I'm a perfectionist and have an unconscious need to please others (I know). It feels good to "be liked." I'm getting older, I'm 56 years old now... and have to learn to listen to my wishes and needs more. To stop rushing through life so much - to stop and smell the roses, like they say. I give of myself a little too much at times (at work, at home, in life in general). I love helping others; but I tend to assume more and more responsibilities in my life (at home and at work) as time goes on, and then I stress about the lack of time to do "so much." Life gets way too busy! I'm still trying to find BALANCE. I must learn to SLOW DOWN... (and truly SIMPLIFY my life). The "race" must stop... "Keep it simple..." (like the Dalai Lama and so many others advice).

I've been pretty upset about the fact that they made me a part-time employee for the next school year. I will just have one less class to teach (I will teach four classes instead of five), will have more students than ever, will have more work in many ways because I'm teaching a new class, will still continue as the Activities Coordinator; but they cut my salary a substantial amount. It's upsetting in many ways, I feel I deserve better treatment and a better salary; but it's not easy to find another job at this time, and I have decided to let go and be at peace with that, because I love what I do! I love my students! I love the school in many ways! And I love to teach! We will manage somehow... I feel comfortable where I am and don't have the energy to change jobs at this time. This experience should not drag me down, though. I really want to start slowing down a bit anyway to do other things I love to do: art, crafts, Tai Chi, read good books, read and write inspirational messages and quotes, calligraphy, digital art, travel, blogging, etc.). Change is good! Maybe I should continue working part-time from now on to pursue other interests, take a few classes, etc. Take it easy! Life should not be SO BUSY! Life should not be such a RACE. I will continue taking Tai Chi classes and maybe even teach Tai Chi in the future. I will attend art, philosophy, calligraphy, and other classes, or not... I will decide. But YES - I must start simplifying my life now! There are always many choices...

So, I must STOP the madness, thank God for all my blessings, and continue in peace and in love. Knowing that I have enjoyed very much working at the school where I have worked the last nine years. I have given it my best, worked very hard and I'm proud of my accomplishments. It's been a very rewarding experience in general. The students give me tremendous energy and I love them! I try to inspire them to become better human beings and to love themselves. Now I must gratefully embrace and accept the rewarding feelings of a job well done without any doubts or regrets. I'm confident in knowing that I did my best and will continue doing my BEST (even if others don't appreciate it or don't know how much I have done and take it for granted). Maybe I'll work there just one more year or many more years... we'll see. Life goes on!

Listen to this beautiful song by India.Arie and remember "how beautiful you are:" Beautiful Flower. Check this other version with lyrics: Beautiful Flower 2. We must continue to remember this and stay strong! Also check these cool quotes. I wish you ALL THE BEST!

Dont' forget that: "You are the soul that lives within..." ~ India.Arie

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