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Thursday, December 19, 2013


"A life full of noise is a life without relief or space to simply be."
~ Mark Owen-Ward

I was thinking the other day about how "noise" negatively impacts our life day in and day out; especially in this day and age of digital technology, and how we don't even realize it. Noise is everywhere! And we kind of get used to it, since most of the times we cannot tune it out. More and more, "noise" in unavoidable and a nuisance, perceptible or imperceptible. Wherever we go we are subjected to the loud and annoying ringtones of cell phones, loud conversations, TV's, radios, car stereos, and the outdoor noise of planes, cars, trains, all-sorts of machines, etc. We must understand that excessive noise causes us a lot of stress. We must also learn to be more considerate of others and produce less noise - "our noise" affects others.

High noise levels can contribute to many health problems and also affect our ability to concentrate and focus on specific tasks. It definitely raises our cortisol levels, thus making us more susceptible to disease and affecting our sleep. Our bodies experience the so-called "fight or flight response" too often, and our heart responds by increasing its rate and blood pressure. Our digestion and other bodily functions are also affected. We need to find quiet moments during our day in order to recharge ourselves and be more productive, and feel more energized. "Quiet" feels good after a hectic noisy day. Find time to relax ("chill time"), to listen to relaxing music, to write, to read, to exercise, to enjoy nature, to pray - time to avoid indoor and outdoor noise. Time to go within... All of us need quiet time, wind down time.

I like to do Tai Chi. Tai Chi is a gentle way to fight stress. Tai Chi is a Chinese system of slow meditative physical exercise designed for relaxation and balance and health. I attend Tai Chi classes once a week and practice it at home. It helps me relax, because I have to concentrate on the movements and on my breathing. I truly love it. But, simply walking and paying attention to your breathing and enjoying your surroundings is another great way to relax. Find time to enjoy nature, to be mindful of the beauty in our world!

We are all extremely busy most of the time, we thrive on "busyness" and have a hard time relaxing. We feel like we are in a race of sorts, and have a hard time slowing down and stopping what we are doing - it's the sign of the times. But no matter how busy we are or get, it is imperative to find "me-time" and "quiet-time." Trust me! This doesn't mean that we shouldn't at times blast our favorite music, or sing out loud or enjoy "loud" people - just that we must try to find some time in the day to embrace "silence."

Try your best to find this very special time every day, and you will discover how much better you can feel and how much more productive you can become by embracing this discipline of "quiet time."

"Quiet yourself and listen to your heart..." ~ Jack Kornfield


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