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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Whatever Happened to Integrity and Character?

I have to admit that one of the things that really bothers me as a teacher is when some of my students don't apply themselves and cheat or try to cheat. When they don't have the discipline and self-value to try to do their best, to do their own work and to not depend so much on others to "help" them succeed in school or in life. There's really nothing wrong with getting help from others, "assistance," but when they actually copy the entire homework from another classmate (or an entire test) and they don't think anything of it, it drives me crazy! I guess I take it personally… (I shouldn't). I know many think they can get away with it! Luckily, this is the exception rather than the norm, or at least I hope so!

Some students show lack of care, integrity, character, responsibility and have an "I don't care about school" attitude, this is what annoys me to no end! It's a slap on the face of their parents, their teachers, and the caring people in their lives (and the millions of people in this world who would do anything to have the privilege to get an education like them). Their parents are paying very high tuition and believe their daughters are doing their best and taking advantage of a good education; when in reality they're just "fooling around." They have no interest in pursuing worthwhile goals; they don't like to challenge themselves...

I know students feel overwhelmed many times (with school work and extra-curricular activities, including regular work) and they have the pressure to "achieve," to get good grades, to try to get some sort of scholarship for college; and I know that now a days, with so many "distractions," it's hard for many of us to stay focused. Many people take the easy way out - they don't do their own work and they copy many things from the Internet, just changing a few things here and there (to not make it so obvious). As things get harder in a course, they struggle more and they will try to "copy" more from others because they haven't been keeping up with their work and studying. As teachers, we prefer when the students are honest and explain to us the real reason or reasons why they couldn't complete their homework - we'll gladly accept it the next day (or another day); or why they are not prepared to take the test, and we'll give them an extra chance (even re-test them many times).

The good thing is, there are a lot of good responsible students out there too - students that take pride in their work, students that are conscientious and hard workers. These are the students that inspire me and challenge me to become a better teacher, they bring me joy - I admire them and I'm proud of them (like their parents must be too). Most of my students are very respectful, loving and happy girls! I know many don't realize yet that they're responsible for their own lives, and that they are the ones who create their own future with their actions, thoughts, intentions and hard work. I hope I can inspire them to become responsible and honest individuals, and to use their talents in positive ways. Integrity and character do matter!

Of course a big problem is that so many people (famous or well-known individuals) give them the wrong example. We're constantly hearing stories of the athletes who cheated for years, the composers or writers who stole or used someone else's work, the judges or politicians who accepted gifts from others, etc.


Winners are People Like You (a favorite poem of mine)...
If you choose to be a winner!

Winners take chances.
Like everyone else, they fear failing, 

but they refuse to let fear control them.
Winners don't give up.
When life gets rough, 

they hang in until the going gets better.
Winners are flexible.
They realize there is more than one way 

and are willing to try others.
Winners know they are not perfect.
They respect their weaknesses while 

making the most of their strengths.
Winners fall, but they don't stay down.
They stubbornly refuse to let a fall 
keep them from climbing.
Winners don't blame fate on their failures 
nor luck for their successes.
Winners accept responsibility for their lives.
Winners are positive thinkers who see good in all things.
From the ordinary, they make the extraordinary.
Winners believe in the path they have chosen even
when it's hard, even when others can't see
where they are going.
Winners are patient.
They know a goal is only as worthy as the effort 

that's required to achieve it.
Winners are people like you.
They make this world a better place to be.
~ Nancy Sims

"Character is what we are when no one is looking. It is not the same as reputation or what other people think of us. It is not the same as success or achievement. Character is not what we have done, but who we are."   
~ Bill Hybels

"Integrity is all about truly being in private what we profess to be in public."   
~ Robert C. Crosby

Check: Integrity and Character (click the link)


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