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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Are you comfortable with yourself?

Do you feel comfortable with yourself? Do you like who you are? Do you feel confident? Think about it! When we are comfortable with ourselves and like who we are, we get along better with others. We don't get upset about every little thing; we don't get hurt easily. We become more understanding and compassionate. The behavior of others don't affect us that much, because we don't take things personally. We become more forgiving.

But what if others (acquaintances, friends and relatives) are the ones who get hurt with us and don't recognize that their behavior was wrong? What if others never apologize because in their minds they are always right? Well, here we have to make a conscious decision. Do we really want their friendship? Do we really want their love? Is their love real or fake? Do they even know how to love? Can we love them even when they are self-centered and selfish? If we feel that their love is definitely worth it, no matter what, then let's give them a second and third chance. After all, they say that love is about "second chances and forgiveness". As long as they respect who we are and treat us with the respect we deserve; and as long as we feel comfortable with them, because we know that somehow we'll make things work. If they don't respect us or show consideration for what we stand for, for what we believe, for who we are... then the relationship is not worth it! It's not about being selfish, but about choosing positive friendships and relationships that bring happiness and love into our lives, instead of stress and negative feelings. Choose people that are comfortable with themselves and you'll have a better chance of enjoying a positive and healthy relationship.

We can disagree with others and yet, respect them for who they are and what they believe. We can concentrate in their good qualities and common interests. And, the more comfortable we are with ourselves the easier it becomes to be comfortable with others; as long as RESPECT is always present and the main ingredient in the relationship.

"A loving relationship is one in which individuals trust each other enough to become vulnerable; secure that the other person won't take advantage. It neither exploits nor takes the other for granted. It involves much communication, much sharing, and much tenderness."

"A loving relationship is one in which one can be open and honest with one another without the fear of being judged. It's being secure in the knowledge that you are each other's best friend and no matter what happens you will stand by one another."

(Quotes from "Loving Each Other" by Leo Buscaglia)


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