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A medium to express myself and talk about my feelings, hoping to inspire you... "Believe in yourself, in the power you have to control your own life day by day. Believe in the strength that you have deep inside and your faith will help show you the way. Believe in tomorrow and what it will bring. For things will work out if you trust and believe there is no limit to what you can do!" (Larry S. Chengges)

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

"Accept Me"

I love the following poem written by Larry S. Chengges, I want to share it with you today:

I am I
Do not change me
Condemn me
Nor put me down
Accept me for what I am
No…you need not agree with me
But Accept Me
For I am total in being
I have my faults
I have my guilts
But that is who I am
Perfect I will never be
Allow me to be uninhibited
Do not pressure me into feeling
What I do not feel
Accept Me when I am flying high
As I have accepted you when
You were flying high
Do not put me down...
Nor make me unhappy about me
I am I
And I like being what I am…
Don't you feel at times that people judge you a lot? Even when they don't know you, they judge you. It's so easy for others to criticize us, and it's also so easy for us to criticize others. Maybe they feel better about themselves when they do this; maybe we feel better about ourselves when we also repeat this same bad habit. It's only human! We all assume things about others, about their behaviors and about their life in general - when we shouldn't. That's why we need to feel strong and secure... Believe in ourselves and in what we stand for. Believe in our values and in our self-worth. Believe in honesty, in goodness, in love, in a life of meaning and purpose... and create a beautiful life for us and for others! Let's learn to be more tolerant, more patient, more understanding and above all, less judgmental and less critical. Gossip is also a very ugly thing to do. Being intolerant, being impatient - and demeaning, criticizing and judging others - are all signs of insecurities and a low self-esteem. Let's remember that we all have our weaknesses and our shortcomings. Let's accept others more willingly and above all, more lovingly... then, and only then, will others accept us the way we are - with patience, understanding, compassion and love.