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Friday, October 13, 2006

The UGLY Too-Skinny Models

How can they be pretty? How can they be healthy? How can they be good role-models for our daughters? I just don't understand! These models look anorexic and sick to me.

I'm so glad that one of Spain's most prestigious fashion shows has agreed to ban overly skinny models from taking part in their events. The Spanish Fashion Industry is taking a stand. I just wish other countries would do the same, to stop promoting anorexia and other eating disorders; to stop giving the wrong message that SKINNY is "in" and beautiful. Unhealthily skinny-underweight models look like concentration camp victims; like malnurished and starving sad-looking girls. How can they be happy? They're like walking skeleton-zombies, that are too brainwashed to know any better. How sad! Take a good look at the link "Skin and Bones" in the following website, and read the letters of some Newsweek's readers:


This obsession with "thinness" has created a situation where the majority of girls and women don't like their bodies; and body dissatisfaction can lead girls to participate in very unhealthy behaviors to try to control their weight - or should I say "to try to starve themselves." I'm glad that Eileen Ford (from the Ford Models Agency in New York) believes the trend next year will be to move toward more womanly figures. That's a relief!

If we don't eat properly, not only will our physical bodies be affected but also our brains, our moods, our mental health... How can we even have the energy to learn new things, to make the right decisions, to take care of ourselves, to function in our lives - if we go on "starvation mode." We will just become "zombies" following stupid trends that in the long run will only hurt us and bring us unhappiness and confusion. So, please think very carefully before you start admiring these extremely-skinny models by following their unhealthy habits and thinking they have it all - because they really don't. They are just like puppets of the Fashion Industry, they are just commodities being used to make others very rich.

I'm not saying that every modeling job is bad; but we have to be smart and do what we know is right for us, taking in consideration our values and always respecting and loving ourselves (this includes "our bodies too").