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Friday, April 18, 2008


Why hold on to resentments, anger and frustration - when we can forgive...?

Sheri Rosenthal and Susyn Reeve wrote: "Any time you feel resentment or regret toward yourself or another, it's time to forgive. When you are plagued by a circumstance from the past, it's time to forgive. When you believe you're right and someone else is wrong it's time to forgive. When you are criticizing, blaming and making demands of yourself or others, it's time to forgive… with forgiveness there is compassion, true freedom from emotional pain, reconciliation between people, unconditional love and world peace.

When we finally let go of the judgment we hold of ourselves and others, we'll no longer have anything to forgive. Only when we judge is it necessary to forgive.

Compassion and forgiveness are unconditional love in action."

Check: http://www.withforgiveness.com/, http://withforgiveness.com/library.html and http://www.withforgivenessmovie.com/.

Are we really being forgiving? Are we really loving unconditionally? Do we even know how to forgive? Do we really know how to love? Do we feel we're always right? (and others always wrong?) Why are we holding on to resentments, anger and other negative emotions? Why? Why do we feel so hurt?

Are we too proud? Are we too sensitive? Are we too insecure? Are we taking things too personally? Are we assuming things that may not be true?
Are we too critical and judgmental? We all have our emotional "pain buttons" -or "sensitive buttons"- that some people can easily touch (figuratively speaking). We have to learn to be aware of our feelings and emotions and learn to let go of all the negative stuff that plague us and create havoc in our lives. We have to learn to "feel" our negative feelings; to experience, acknowledge, embrace and accept them. Only then, will we be able to let go of them and heal emotionally. We are all humans, after all, we all make mistakes, and we still have a lot to learn. Let's be more gentle with others and more gentle with ourselves. Let's be more accepting of others. Let's learn to forgive others and forgive ourselves... Please check: www.teensselfhelp.com/Forgiveness.html for more on "Forgiveness."

"True forgiveness begins with our willingness to look inside ourselves, and identify the thoughts that we are having which are causing our pain and suffering." (S. Rosenthal and S. Reeves)

Forgiveness is an act of self-love and respect. Forgiving is reconciling with ourselves, is letting go of harmful feelings and emotions, is embracing love -the love we deserve- and all the positive feelings and emotions that come from love and forgiveness - peace, happiness, compassion, patience, understanding, kindness... It is simply to "surrender."

We are not cowards when we surrender, all the contrary, we are very strong; because it takes guts to come to terms with our own weaknesses and imperfections and to recognize that everyone else's faults are our faults (or potential faults) as well. Some times we recognize in others our own imperfections, our own humanity. We can only forgive others when we know how to forgive ourselves. Besides, saying "I am sorry" is the greatest expression of love there is... "I am sorry if I offended you," "I am sorry if I hurt your feelings - that was not my intention."

Yes, pride gets in the way. Pride, stubbornness and our "ego." Let's remember that no one is perfect. So forgive for your own good! It is not a sign of weakness! If anything, it is a sign of how strong and loving you are. Surrender your ego... because forgiving is liberating!

Forgiveness is a choice - the best choice!

"Perhaps one key to forgiveness is accepting responsibility for my feelings, rather than holding others accountable for them."

"Forgiveness is letting go of blame.
Forgiveness is release from fear.
Forgiveness entails emotional honesty."

"As I surrender the ego, I let the God within and without, of which I am a part, take charge instead of my little ego. To surrender is to allow the True Self to take over and to trust in that connection with the Divine in the universe."
~ Henry Grayson, Ph.D. ("Mindful Loving")

"Recognize that all our relationships can be powerful mirrors, reflecting back to us what we need to learn. Recognize that we are spiritual beings, not limited to our human form and emotions, but connected to the unlimited oneness of the universe."
~ Shakti Gawain ("On the Path of Transformation")

"Anything that you think you are guilty of can be cleaned and purified with forgiveness... Once you forgive yourself and others, the guilt is no longer yours to keep. We do not deserve guilt; we deserve forgiveness. When we learn this lesson, we are truly free."
~ Elisabeth K
übler-Ross & David Kessler ("Life Lessons")