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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

"Girls Gone Wild"

Today I was watching the Tyra Banks Show, and she had as a guest a guy named Joe Francis. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. This guy is famous and very rich now for making videos of girls (many of them intoxicated) showing off their bodies and doing other X-Rated things with themselves and others. What's going on with these girls? They have to stoop that low to please some men. Give me a break! Tyra was appalled and completely against these practices; she was trying to make these girls understand that what they were doing wasn't right - but to no avail.

How much attention do they need? They don't care if these films are shown all over the Internet? All over the world? Such lack of self-respect, morals and values! No wonder American women and girls have such a bad reputation. It is really sad that they just don't care; that they even think it's O.K. or even great just to be "on camara", no matter what. They don't even consider the consequences of their actions and how these will affect their families. I guess I was shocked to see these beautiful girls "trashing" themselves. Like they don't value anything.

The amazing thing is: this guy is extremely rich now and these girls only get a T-Shirt or a Cap as a reward. So it's not that they're desperate for the money, it's not that they're starving or very poor, they're just desperate for attention. A desperate plea of "look at me! look at me!" Mostly suburban upper middle-class girls with nothing better to do! Wow!

Is this maybe the example that so many TV programs promote? The example of "famous" girls like Paris Hilton and many others? This is not a good example of free expression; this is a sad example of the lack of values a great majority of American Teenagers and Young Adults have.
It's easy for them to sell themselves... and not even to the highest bidder; but to anyone like this Joe Francis, who's smart enough to take advantage of them without a single ounce of remorse, and who enjoys his "fame" for being able to use these girls in such disgusting ways.

It is really sad that so many girls demean themselves like this; that they don't think anything of it. Like "it's just another day in my life and I was just having fun". Fun? at what price? Is it really worth it? How stupid can you be? As a woman and as a parent, I'm hurt and upset by their actions and hope that some parents wake up and start taking the time to communicate more with their children and instill some sense in them; some very needed moral values! Then again, some will say: "it's up to them!"; but these behaviors are really hurting us all, especially our younger generations who are so easily brain washed by this culture of "anything goes" and "I can do whatever I want even if it hurts others".