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A medium to express myself and talk about my feelings, hoping to inspire you... "Believe in yourself, in the power you have to control your own life day by day. Believe in the strength that you have deep inside and your faith will help show you the way. Believe in tomorrow and what it will bring. For things will work out if you trust and believe there is no limit to what you can do!" (Larry S. Chengges)

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Wow! What a change! Yes, today I feel good. I know I was pretty upset yesterday; some of it was probably due to lack of sleep. It is true that some of my students are very loud at times; but the truth is that in my class they like to express themselves and they are full of enthusiasm. They are truly all very happy kids and it's good to see that! I did tell them today, though, that if I need them to work quietly, that if I ask them to lower their voices, they should be respectful and do so. I expect them to follow my instructions. They all seemed pretty receptive to that and felt bad about being so loud yesterday. The truth is that these girls have great attitudes and are truly great kids! They do listen, they just get overly excited at times! It felt good to express myself and talk honestly to them. They are having a lot of fun doing the "Create a Business Project" and sometimes, in their excitement, they talk very loudly. No, I couldn't become a "mean" teacher; it is not in my nature, it is not my style.

It was sweet that today one of my former students asked me why I seemed to always be so happy and in a good mood (something like that) - my response was that since my father was such an angry person (and demanding), I think I made a firm commitment in my mind to never be like him. I also responded: is a matter of having the right attitude. I want to be happy and to try to make others happy. I want people to appreciate me and love me. I like being kind and loving to others. I enjoy helping people and I love my students, like I love my daughters... unconditionally! Sometimes they do drive me crazy, just like others drive us crazy at times and we drive others crazy at times; but what the heck: Nobody is perfect! I'll try to continue having lots of patience and continue trying to help my students as best as I can. Life is good!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A Little More Respect Please!

Yes, I have to admit it. Today some of my students were driving me crazy! They didn't want to work quietly; they were too loud and didn't want to listen to me at all. I try very hard to make the class interesting, to find interesting exercises for them; I spend countless hours searching in the Internet and reading books to try to make the class as exciting as possible - but today it really seemed to me that they truly don't appreciate it and don't appreciate me. I left the school feeling sad and upset. I don't like feeling this way; I like it when students respond to my efforts and appreciate my work and show consideration and respect by working quietly and conscientiously. When they show some interest in my class and when their eyes brighten up and show enthusiasm. But unruliness is not enthusiasm! It's O.K. when they express their emotions and happiness in a self-controlled way - not too loud, respectful, and finding time to concentrate and to do their work. I don't like giving demerits and detention; unfortunately I'm going to have to follow the school rules and start handing some of these. Now I understand why some teachers never smile in class. They have to be stern and strict in order for the students to respect them (or be afraid of them). I thought that treating my students with kindness and love was enough; but I'm doubting my approach. Even when I hate yelling and being mean, I feel -now- that I'm going to have to become more strict in order for them to respect my class. Their behavior will affect their grade too! I know who works hard and who tries hard and who is always doing something else and not applying herself. I hope things are better tomorrow and in the future. It is not right that I have to leave the school feeling this way. It is not right when you feel that you are allowing others to disrespect you, because you have a hard time being a "Judge Judy" type of person. I'm very happy being a teacher, but I feel that I'm going to have to change my approach. We'll see!